We participate in over 100 endurance events every year, giving athletes the chance to try our products in real-life racing and training conditions. From a road cycling race to a 10k to a full-distance triathlon and everything in between, these events help us establish relationships with both professional and non-professional athletes. From these relationships we obtain valuable feedback on Cytomax products directly from the people who are relying on Cytomax to help them perform at their best. We use this knowledge to continue our tradition of making innovative, efficacious sports nutrition products.


Hincapie Sportswear Development Cycling Team

The Hincapie Sportswear Development Cycling Team is a UCI Continental Team dedicated to developing young professional cyclists and expanding the sport of bicycle racing. Through support by Hincapie Sportswear and Mark Holowesko, the Southeastern U.S. based team competes at the international level. Directed by former 7Eleven cyclist Thomas Craven, the team also receives mentoring by George Hincapie (a 17-time Tour de France participant and three-time National Champion). The 2013 racing season has brought the team success at major races including Paris-Arres, the Philadelphia Classic and Tour de Beuce.


NSF’s Certified for Sport® program helps athletes at the professional and collegiate levels, coaches and trainers make more informed decisions when choosing sport nutrition products. The program is recognized by MLB, MLBPA, NFL, NFLPA, NHL, PGA, LPGA, and CCES. The program is designed for participating manufacturers and includes product testing for +165 banned substances, label content confirmation, toxicological review of formulation and label, environmental contaminant screen, production facility and supplier inspections, as well as ongoing monitoring in line with substance prohibitive lists.
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