Ryan Hall


What is your favorite Muscle Milk Flavor?

Cake batter


When do you use it?  

Always.  I put it in everything from pancakes to oatmeal.  I like it pre-race as a shake with CytoCarb².  It sits great on my stomach and fuels me for the marathon.  


If you could create any Muscle Milk flavor, what would it be?  

Donut flavor


What does a typical in-season training day look like for you?  

I usually run twice a day.  Usually about 10 miles per run.  I do daily weights and naps and lots of eating.  


What's your favorite/go-to workout or drill?

The long run!  Up to 24 miles at a hard effort.  I like to alternate between a hard mile and a moderate paced mile.  I call it my In n’ Out long run.  


If you could trade places with any other Muscle Milk athlete for a day, who would it be?  

Any baseball player.  I always dreamed of playing in the Bigs!


If you weren't a professional athlete, what would you want to be?

A chef.